Kornati Islands

Kornati National Park

Eighty-nine islands, islets and reefs well known as National park Kornati situated in middle Dalmatia, have been a men’s fascination and interest already from the Neolithic era. The whole Kornati archipelago numbers 150 islands, islets and reefs situated between island Dugi Otok and island Žirje, and it is considered as the densest Mediterranean archipelago.

Romans, Byzantines, and Illyrian tribes have left their traces on thearchipelago that visually may seem robust and unwelcoming with their specific rocky surfacecovered in low and poor vegetation. Nevertheless, the Kornati archipelago has always been a safe place and a refuge for sailors and their crews in the moments when the sea was not as merciful.

Even though the archipelago hasn’t been permanently populated, there are plenty of historical remains of the cultures that have passed through and left their traces, such as Roman Villa Rustica in the channel Mala Proversa on the northern part of the archipelago, early christian basilica Gospe od Tarca, remains of an old fisher’s village and a churchon island Piškera dating from 16th century, stanovi habitations (traditional shepherds habitations) and  traditional  stone wall constructions  or the maybe most prominent edifice – the byzantine Tureta fortress situated on the main island Kornat.

When sailing through the archipelago, the one thing that catches the eye are its natural beauties. Most distinctive feature that strikes the most, no matter how many times you see it, are the famous cliffs, so called “krune” (eng. crowns, lat.corona, hence the name of the main island and the archipelago). The cliffs are all facing the open sea. The longest of the cliffs is on the island Mana and the tallest one on the island Klobučar (82m). Other significant cliffs can be seen on the island of Obručan and Piškera.

Under all the striking cliffs and the rocky surface, you can discover the rich sea life with numerous endemic species. The sea is clear and transparent and lets the sunlight to penetrate deep under the sea level creating the perfect conditions for flourishing wildlife (such as different species of corals and fish). This juncture of raw surface and rich life under the sea are what makes the Kornati even more attractive and alluring.

Sailing time through the National Park offers you different kinds of activities: snorkelling, recreational fishing, enjoying the crystal-clear water and rich flora and fauna, hiking through the different hiking paths or simpleanchoring, and staying overnight in one of the 16 certified bays inside the Park or in Marina on the island Piškera.

Kornati island are a must see on your sailing journey, so do not miss an opportunity to visit and enjoy in mesmerizing nature’s scenery.

Before you start your sailing trip to Kornati, make sure to check the official website of the National Park and get all the necessary info regarding the rules of behaviour within the Park’s boundaries.

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