Wall of Ston

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Published 10.02.2021.

Wall of Ston

Historically known as European Wall of China, the defensive stone walls originally longer than 7 km surrounded the City of Ston on Pelješac peninsula, that used to be a part of historical Republic of Ragusa, an important trading and naval centre of Mediterranean for several centuries.

Today, the Wall of Ston, is well known as one of the longest preserved fortification systems, together with of course the famous Great Wall of China.

Primarily used as an additional line of defence of already strongly fortified seat of Republic of Ragusa, today Dubrovnik, it was completed in 15th century and strengthened with 40 towers and 5 fortresses.

Today, the Wall stays alive as a storyteller of the great history of Croatia, with its longitude of 5,5 km and preserved 20 towers.

The Wall is open for visit and walking tour – you can opt for a shorter 20 min walk, or for a longer 1h walk.

Pro tip: after a nice walk through the history, satisfy your appetite with the well-known and certainly famous Ston oysters. We recommend fresh with lemon squeeze!

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