Environmental policy

Environmental Policy – Adventure Charter

Adventure Charter recognizes that our wonderful world is precious and fragile and that we
all need to develop plans for preventing pollution, complying with national and international
environmental regulations, and continually improving our environmental management
system to minimize and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.
We will communicate our Environmental policy to all employees and organizations working
for or on our behalf.

Adventure Charter accomplishes these commitments by:

  • Encouraging our guests and employees to actively support Green Sail environmental messages and efforts both on board and shore side.
  • Offering a safe and healthful workplace by ensuring that employees are properly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment.

  • Constantly improving operations to decrease waste and other pollution, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

  • Building a positive working relationship and lead by example to persuade employees and associates to do their share to keep the environment clean.
  • Using appropriate spill prevention and collection measures during all maintenance activities, including oil changes.

  • Using degradable cleaning products, such as soaps and detergents, whenever possible.
  • Finding greener solutions whenever possible to reduce our carbon foot print.

  • Recycling all products that the marina accepts and promote the use of recycled materials and other environmentally responsible products and materials.

  • Encouraging our suppliers to follow sound environmental practices and to assist us in achieving our environmental goals.

  • Prolonging the life of equipment through preventive maintenance scheduling, purchasing and reworking used equipment, using email rather than printed materials to communicate and promote our activities, only print and photocopy if absolutely necessary and then print double-sided.

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