Privacy policy

Privacy statement

ADVENTURE CHARTER respects your privacy and does everything so that your personal data would be protected.

The collection and storage of information in the ADVENTURE CHARTER database is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Please note that at any time, ADVENTURE CHARTER reserves the right to change the terms of the Privacy Statement under which this site was made available.

ADVENTURE CHARTER may collect personal information in every juncture or interaction with the guests, but also in all aspects of ADVENTURE CHARTER’s business.

“Personal information” is considered all information collected and stored in any format that allows you to be personally identified, directly (e.g. by name) or indirectly (e.g., phone number) as a natural person.

Before you submit this information, we recommend you to read this document, which describes the ADVENTURE CHARTER guidelines for protecting the privacy of clients. 

ADVENTURE CHARTER may use your personal information (hereinafter referred to as “PI”) for marketing purposes. If so required by applicable law, you will be asked to give explicit prior consent to receive such marketing materials.

If you access and use the ADVENTURE CHARTER website (which includes: reviewing, transferring, storing in cache or storage of this site or any services, features, materials or content that are on it), it means that you have read and accepted all terms and conditions of use.

If you do not agree with the conditions, you may not use this site for any purpose.

1.  Data covered by privacy policy system

Data that ADVENTURE CHARTER primarily requests from you and that is protected:

     *name and surname


     *e-mail address

     *phone number and/or fax

     *other data given by you and for which you want to stay secret 

You can refuse at any time consent for the use of your personal data with a written notice to the address of the ADVENTURE CHARTER headquarters or at the e-mail address  You can, at any time, be excluded from the mailing list, and we will not use your information for promotion. In this case, ADVENTURE CHARTER can use them only for internal purposes, for example, for statistical data processing.

ADVENTURE CHARTER is committed to preserve your information and use them in good faith.

2.  The purpose of the obtained data

All information ADVENTURE CHARTER requested is used solely for the following purposes:

  • provide the services that you request from ADVENTURE CHARTER;
  • manage your charter bookings;
  • improve your stay on boats and/or the marina;
  • manage the ADVENTURE CHARTER fidelity program;
  • use of your feedback to improve our ADVENTURE CHARTER services;
  • provide services after the stay: subscription the ADVENTURE CHARTER newsletter, inclusion in the ADVENTURE  CHARTER system for giveaways, other marketing  communications and marketing activities aimed at informing about the ADVENTURE CHARTER services and products;
  • ADVENTURE CHARTER internal statistical analysis

ADVENTURE CHARTER responsibly guarantees that the provided information will be used only for that purpose.

The purpose of use of the information is to establish contact with you (in order to send you information by mail, fax, e-mail, phone, and similar), If there was a need to contact you quickly, or in order to access the statistical data processing, but only for ADVENTURE CHARTER’ internal needs and market research.

Since ADVENTURE CHARTER does not knowingly collect personal data of persons under the age of 18, ADVENTURE CHARTER would appreciate that your children do not submit any personal information without your permission.

If you choose to participate in activities in the social media, which are sponsored by ADVENTURE CHARTER, it is possible that ADVENTURE CHARTER will collect certain information from your user’s account in the social media according to your settings for social media services.

As regards the obligations to the local authorities, it is possible that ADVENTURE CHARTER will be obliged to submit your information to local authorities only if so is required by law. In addition, ADVENTURE CHARTER has the right to submit your information to third parties in case of violation of the General terms and conditions of ADVENTURE CHARTER’s websites.

3.  Duration of the privacy policy

Once you submit your information and agree to be contacted by ADVENTURE CHARTER, you also enter the ADVENTURE CHARTER mailing list which is an integral part of ADVENTURE CHARTER database.

The privacy of your information is permanent. At any time, you may request to be removed from the ADVENTURE CHARTER mailing list in ways specified in item 1 of the Privacy Statement.

4.  Content of the privacy policy

ADVENTURE CHARTER does not sell, or rent your e-mail address and other information, because it is contrary to ADVENTURE CHARTER’s privacy policy. ADVENTURE CHARTER’s policy is strictly “no spam”.

ADVENTURE CHARTER requests your special permission if you want to be contacted regarding special offers and campaigns. ADVENTURE CHARTER is not responsible for accidental errors or errors due to force majeure, or other objective circumstances that could accidentally violate the guaranteed protection of your data, but it guarantees that the error will be corrected, if possible, as quickly as possible.

5.  Statement regarding credit cards information

You hereby accept that ADVENTURE CHARTER, as the owner of this site is not responsible for any kind of interception of credit card information or any other illegal use of credit card information in connection with the direct use of this site. ADVENTURE CHARTER is taking all legal measures to protect such data. Credit card payment in the booking process is done by system that ensures safe and secure conduct of credit cards internet transactions. This method of payment is recommended by the sole issuers of the cards (Visa, Mastercard,…) because it reliably functions in practice and, according to research, has acclaimed as safer than conventional payment by credit card in restaurants or stores.

However, no security system or system for data transmission over the internet cannot be considered completely safe.

For your personal safety, it is recommended that in the e-mails you send to ADVENTURE CHARTER you do not specify details on your credit card.

6.  Cookies and online technologies

Like many other sites, ADVENTURE CHARTER’ site may use cookies and other technologies that assist in the delivery of a specific content according to your interests, process your bookings or requests, and / or analysis of your sample of page views. Cookies and similar systems for tracking are the data packets used by servers in order to send status information into the user’s browser and to return status information into the original server through the same browser.

Based on this sample, the information is adapted to your needs and to the way you usually use the Internet.

Cookies and similar tracking systems can be installed on your device depending on the settings of your browser.

As is the case with many other portals, ADVENTURE CHARTER’s website may also use cookies and other technologies that facilitate the content delivery depending on your areas of interest, booking processing or requests, and / or analyzing the characteristics of your visits.

The sole cookies cannot be used to reveal your personal identity. When you access the ADVENTURE CHARTER website, this Information identifies to our servers the properties of your browser, but not yours. In case you would in any case want to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you can update the settings of your web browser (you can find information on how to delete and disable cookies in your browser by choosing the menu “Help”).

Furthermore, ADVENTURE CHARTER can collect information through the use of “pixel tags”, ” network signal”, “empty GIFs “or similar means (collectively called “pixel tags”) that allow to know when you visit our web portal and how you use the ADVENTURE CHARTER e-mail or advertisements.

7.  Protection of children’s personal information

ADVENTURE CHARTER advises parents and caregivers to teach children about safe and responsible handling of personal data on the Internet.

ADVENTURE CHARTER does not want and does not intend to collect personal information from persons under the age of 18, ADVENTURE CHARTER will not in any way use or disclose them to third parties except in the case of promotional games on the Internet.

Such information for contact over the internet is used without permission of the parents only to respond directly to the child’s request and will not be used for any other purposes.

ADVENTURE CHARTER does not collect personal information for contact outside the Internet, except for the awards assignment, and even then only with the permission of parents.

ADVENTURE CHARTER does not delivered to third parties any personally identifiable information without prior parental consent; ADVENTURE CHARTER does not allow children, without parental consent, to public or otherwise distribute personally identifiable information or other materials sent by means of which they can be contacted, nor encourages children to, in order to participate in contests, or any other activity, reveal more data than it is needed to participate in the relevant activity.

In cases where children under the age of 18 years are allowed to participate in giveaways, ADVENTURE CHARTER requires the child to first ask for permission to participate from their parents or legal guardians, and to enter the e-mail address of their parents or legal guardians. If a child under 18 wins a prize, the parents or guardians will be notified by e-mail, telephone or in writing.

Personal data of the child and the parents are deleted from the ADVENTURE CHARTER database if the parents request it as parents or guardians.

You always have the right to request access to any personal information about your child that ADVENTURE CHARTER received on one of our sites, or request the removal of the data (if the data is still kept in our database), and / or prohibit future collection and use of the information about your child. If you are a parent and wish to exercise this right, you are required to get in touch with us with such a request.

Besides the abovementioned, ADVENTURE CHARTER guarantees the protection of personal data of children foreseen by special laws that regulate this matter.

8.  Change of data

At any time, you can request a review of your personal data, as well as update, correct or delete data. Until that moment, we will use your old data for the mentioned purposes. In case of any difficulty in the exercise of your rights, please contact directly ADVENTURE CHARTER via our e-mail address: info@adventure –, or by calling: +385 99 7028 235.

9.  Your consent

By filling out the forms on this site, you guarantee that the provided information is correct, that you are legally capable, that you have all the rights to close this deal, and that you fully agree to let ADVENTURE CHARTER collect and use your data in accordance with the law and conditions of the ADVENTURE CHARTER privacy policy.

The user agrees that the use of our website is solely his responsibility, that ADVENTURE CHARTER or any related third party can not in any way guarantee that the use of this website will not be interrupted or will be error-free, that ADVENTURE CHARTER or any other natural or legal person involved in the creation, production and distribution of this website.

ADVENTURE CHARTER is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of or inability to use this website, that is prohibited any copying, transmission, distribution, networking, dissemination or in any way the changing of these sites and that any violation of the mentioned prohibition may result in a violation of copyright, trademark rights or any other right, which may lead to court proceedings and criminal prosecution.

10.  Transparency

Any changes of the ADVENTURE CHARTER Privacy statement come into force at the moment of publication on this site. These changes will be valid in our relations in the way as they existed prior to your registration to the ADVENTURE CHARTER mailing list, provided that they comply with the relevant laws of the European Union and the Republic of Croatia and that they do not restrict your rights.


Applicable law

You agree that your use of this site, this Privacy statement and General terms and conditions of use and any eventual disputes regarding these documents will, in all aspects, be subject to the law of the Republic of Croatia. Any eventual disputes regarding the abovementioned shall be settled exclusively by the Commercial Court in Zagreb, Croatia.

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